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Only request this evaluation if you are ready to hear its results.

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"I am extremely pleased with my new site. I like the idea that the support is there while you are learning the new program. Hajni is great!! She is very talented and I will be sure to recommend her to my friends. I had a special request and she was able to follow my idea... read more

List of Clients

:: Ramona Wray (Site Design)
:: Ramona Wray (Blog Design)
:: Sport Memoir (Site Design)
:: Carnal Weapon (Site Makeover)
:: Carnal Weapon (Blog Design)
:: Beyond Mises (Site Design)
:: R.A.Friedman (Makeover+Blog Creation)
:: Awaken Heaven On Earth (Blog Creation)
:: Tank Black Sports News (Blog Creation)
:: Winterset Dental Care (Makeover+SEO)
:: What Matters Weblog (Blog Creation)
:: Marianna Tourist (Web Design)
:: Health-Destiny (Site Creation)
:: Nan-Pat-Vic Pub. (Site + Blog Creation)
:: Two Paws Up Press (Site+Blog Creation)
:: Nature Publishing (Site Makeover)
:: ZUDD (Site Design)
:: My Book Angel (Web Design)
:: Sunflower Books (Web Design)
:: Stairway To Happiness (Makeover)
:: Grigor Fedan (Web Design)
:: Rairarubia Books (SEO)
:: Tricor Press (SEO)
:: Mehosky Books (Web Design)
:: Orchard Publications (Site Makeover)
:: Finesses de Charlevoix (Site Makeover)
:: The Chaplain's Assistant (Blog Creation)
:: Patrick.J.Schnerch (Site + Blog Creation)
:: Lundy Bancroft (Site+Blog Creation)
:: Vincy Picnic (Webmastering)
:: John's Book (Web Design)
:: The Fall Of The Year (Site Makeover)
:: Win Practice Performance (SEO)
:: Enrichment Books (Site Makeover)
:: The Unveiling (Web Design)
:: Real Essence Of Life (SEO)
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"Hajni Blasko has gone above and beyond the call of duty with my blog site. I am laughingly technologically challenged, though Hajni has more than stepped up to bridge the gap. She is extremely creative yet professional, informative, flexible and expedient! I am sincerely grateful to Hajni. My highest praises!" Awaken Heaven on Earth - M.Petrusse,2009

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